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Don Alm
March 21, 2007, 01:26 PM
....if you are thinking about starting a business or ANY business project;

You WILL hear comments like;

"You can't do that! Someone is already doing it!"
"They won't buy that!" They won't pay THAT!"
"The market is saturated!"

There WILL always be naysayers "warning" you....or telling you why your idea or business or program or product WON'T WORK.

Most of these negative comments will come from people who "don't want you to try your project"....because they care about you and don't want you to fail.

Others will tell you your program won't work...because they are negative people and it's "natural" for them to knock your idea.

Others will knock your project because they are "know-it-alls" and ENJOY acting like they know everything.

I've started many businesses and creating many products and programs and still remember when I was thinking about starting my very first business.

Friends, relatives, even my parents..."cautioned" me about quitting my Corporate job and starting a new business.

I "considered" their comments....for a few seconds....then went about researching, studying what skills I'd need, looking at who is covering my target market now and how are they covering it...and what is the potential.

And then it came down to one phrase I use with every new product or program or project I come up with;


With my first biz I thought, "Heck! If the thing fails, I'm young enough and have enough credentials, I should have no problem getting another "J" "O" "B".

Well....as it worked out...I was able to get the biz going and sold it some years later for a nice chunk.

When going into any new project there is something else you can COUNT ON;

Your original plans WILL need to be "modified" because you do not know what is going to happen UNTIL you get into operation. This I call, "GO WITH THE FLOW!"....or...."FLOW WITH THE BLOWS!"

Your pricing may be too high or not enough....adjust it.
Your marketing materials may not pull as you had hoped....change them.
Your key employees may leave....replace them.

As you are "driving your business down the road" you can "dodge the potholes"!

It's the "excitement" that drives me.

It was after my first success that I found I REALLY ENJOY coming up with NEW IDEAS....seeing whether they will sell....and watching them succeed.

So...if YOU are considering starting your own business....don't let others stop you. THEY have not done the thinking, studying and research YOU have. And, really do NOT know anything about YOUR program, product, project.

Only YOU will know....but you must start it to find out....then adjust as you go.

Thank you,

Don Alm

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