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April 5, 2007, 08:41 AM
know exactly how to use it? OR a better question here might be, would you have any interest in marketing a report on how to use it?

I've spent a lot of time in the last couple of weeks with my head buried in the SRDS Books of Lists. The ones that have gotten most of my attention are:

Direct Marketing List Source
TV Cable Source

I think it was Gary Halbert who said he can't open the thing without finding scores of niches just waiting to send him money.

And I agree. In fact, I know this to be true:

The BIG boys, the BIG dogs, THE direct marketing players in the real world...need to have BIG lists to make BIG money.

Now here is the GAP for you to stand in. There are literally THOUSANDS of smaller lists, ones that could be extremely lucrative that the BIG boys just glance right over.

There is gold to be mined from those lists. However, it involves a direct mail piece, so that eliminates about 99.9% of those who have come on line looking for some "opportunity" to make some bucks.

Anyhow, this started a couple of years back...and like MANY (most??) of my projects they get started but not finished...cause I get caught up with other parts of life or slapped down by some new medical challenge...whatever.

I've got a report, probably 80% finished on How to Use the SRDS.

Your opinions? Would this make a good, say, clickbank type, of report.

How to Use the SRDS Direct Marketing List Source to Find HOT Niches Just Waiting to Throw Money at YOU...and All You Have to do is ASK them to....Without Mailing a Single Letter

OR something like that. I may decide to sell it outright like I did with the Chatteling Guide or may do a JV like I did with the HOTSHEETS or may even sell it myself...but do it as a REAL product...that gets sent out.

Do any of YOU use the SRDS resources and do you think there is a market for the HOW TO USE it report?


Jay Alexander

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