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Kelly Kasabian
April 29, 2007, 06:09 PM
Hey all -

We're always focusing on the one-man-band type stuff here (which is the way I like it) ...but I've thought up a biz plan idea that I don't know how to monetize ...

Okay ...there'a a major network television show that is top rated ...right? There's a major brand product that I believe could benefit from this show's own brand (for example if the show brand was actually listed on the product ...vice-versa is possible, but that can be worked out if they wanted).

The above situation is something I've discovered through my own research that it would work amazingly well, as the viewers and consumers of this show and product have a great deal of cross-over...

...so, I have some contacts in both of these industries (not as high as I'd like ...but it's the type of situation where "show them how they can $$$ and they'll listen to you, even if it's just an elevator pitch) ...

...but the question is ...how does one structure a deal like this? How can it be monetized? Seems like someone will just say "Hey thanks for the great idea ...we'll talk to their people right away ... see ya' " .

Anyone ever structured a deal between two big concerns that wasn't proprietary in nature - without having it bypassed?

Thanks to anyone in advance (not sure if this'll get a lot of responses - but any help will be interesting and helpful)...



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