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June 11, 2007, 11:06 AM
Hello all,

Recent visits to two places may interest you...first, HOTSHEET central, also known as www.barcharts.com (http://www.barcharts.com)

Stopped in and took a little tour, got some ideas...and was amazed at how big this little business really is. Most of their products are only one or two sheets of paper LAMINATED and low priced. Filled out the forms to become a distributor...

This Fall, I'll be introducing a new line of HOTSHEETS, based on the Bar Charts models and the HOT new subjects. And John Palma's idea on Security TIPS should get your creative juices flowing, it did mine.

And a revisit to Paulette Ensign's site, with the booklets in mind...well, it seems good things have come full circle.

The other visit was to American Writer's & Artists Institute (AWAI)...and I'll leave the comments on their products to others...but on their operation...what a great MODEL.

I advocated the INSTITUTE idea over a decade ago online...where you can offer your own certifications...anyhow, they could print their courses ON DEMAND if need be. Visit their web site and see how many different niches and segments of the writer's market they have. www.awaionline.com (http://www.awaionline.com)

These two businesses want me to fire up REAL products and apply the hands off, systems (e-myth) model to good old fashioned direct marketing.

Found some Big BUYERS in S. FL. If you are a member of Jim Straw's Mercantile exchange, you'll want to check next month's (or possibly Aug) newsletter...if you are NOT a member, you may want to contact me for details on how to join.

Palm Beach is always a fun place to see how much opportunity there is in the world.

OK then, HOTSHEETS are alive and well and still a great way to get started or to build an additional product line, while letting others do the work...Bar Charts are in almost every college book store and all the big book chains across America. I love their HOTSHEETS.

And THINK of ways you might be able to use the AWAI model of "INSTITUTE" as a way to sell products, courses, seminars, workshops and mentoring programs.

Thanks for your time and attention.


PS. 07 is almost half over...are you making it happen? It isn't too late, through June, you can still get the little report on: How to Make IT Happen in 2007, even if you don't know what IT is...for only 10 bux...here:


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