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July 22, 2007, 09:25 PM
Thanks Millard for bringing it up.

Just about every day I'm getting some email, a lot of it goes like this,

"Gordon, don't mention my name, but..."

And then the story about a friend, a relative, a neighbor...from the plumber, the wedding photographer and I got one from...

and this BLOWS MY MIND...and wants me to take the Minolta SRT 101 off the shelf...

ONE Papparozo

who is hauling down 6 figures by chasing after celebrities. OH sure, he gets a 1099 from the publisher...but what about his private "stock" ????

Anyhow, Millard, the UNDERground Economy is THRIVING. When I was in FL I went to several Flea Markets, and street vendors. HEY, here's an idea, ever see those guys selling watermelons from their pick up trucks? How about a FEW bags of ICE on them and sell some ICE cold melons.

I barely scratched the surface in Fly Low and Collect the Dough...but I'll put it all into the off line version.

Once your eyes have been OPENED to seeing the UE, it becomes visible everywhere you look. Sort of like magic glasses. Put em on and see people making cash hand over fists. Sort of like pulling a bunny out of a gator.

ANYONE with stories or wanting to share an UNDERGROUND ECONOMY story, you can email me in confidence, I won't mention your name unless you ask me to, fair enough?

NOW shhh, I've got some junk to sell sitting in the yard.

Gordon Jay Alexander http://www.flylowcollectdough.com

PS. One piece of advice I DO offer, "Stay above board with your UE efforts."

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