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August 17, 2007, 03:39 PM
I am looking for a way to earn $7500 / month. Everyone here on these forums seems like they "claim" to know ways... but Ive yet to see any real answers... Except "buy my ebook" it will tell you everything!

I need to earn $7500/mo. I have a van, can easily have 1-2 people work for me if I need to (if it will help).

I have less than $1000 to invest.

I have Painted curbs, Washed windows, fixed computers, sold on ebay, Ive combined these things. And never have I really made enough money for it to be more than a job working for someone else.

Currently I am selling cars (commission only) and I am looking for something I can do to build a firm business that is equally stable to a "commission only" job.

I would LOVE more than anything to be able to work out of my house, but I do not expect to find such a pleasant business.

Im considering photography (My father was a photographer & did well), I have a small web hosting business now but its not making hardly any money. One day the web hosting business will good money, but for now im looking for something to make immediate cash.

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