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August 21, 2007, 05:31 PM
Here are two sites to study BEFORE you do anything with your invention:


and from Uncle Sam:

I've been working with an Inventor, a guy who is 80, has several patents, and just got a new one last January. He has also been burned. A BIG LESSON the small guy wants to learn: the bums, the A-holes, the liars and thiefs with deep pockets WILL attempt to steal you blind...the Patent simply lets you defend yourself.

So DUE DILIGENCE is especially important if you have a product you want to get a patent on...and that being said...

TOO MANY inventors, even the ones with a patent, have put the cart before the horse, and spent time and money on something there just isn't a market for...that being said...

There are TONS of great inventions that have patents, (and these include ALL types of patents)...that don't know squat about MARKETING.

I perceive a big GAP between these people...they don't know how to submit an idea to a marketing company. ONE that will actually do something to bring it to market.

ONE of the few TV shows that I try to watch, was/is the American Inventor, this year a fireman won with his "Guardian Angel"...although I have a minor beef with him...

What did he invent? NOTHING. He had an idea, the show gave him 50 grand to develop the idea, and OTHERS did the inventing...he was the only guy that made it to the finals who didn't bring a prototype with him...is that really "inventing"....I don't think so. IF the show was the "next big IDEA", then sure...but,

how hard would it have been these last 10 years he's had the idea, to get a 5 gallon water tank, pressurize it, and run a tube up a Christmas tree, with a "melt switch"?

But I'm glad for him, and for the others too because they DID something with their inventions.

I'm currently reviving a couple of mine (I have prototypes), and hope to join the parade of great American inventors. I'll keep a blog regarding the process. Should be interesting.

Gordon Jay (Call me Ben Franklin Alexander) Alexander

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