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August 25, 2007, 10:12 PM
1) Create a website called;

2) Put in some photos and graphics of your town (or city) and LINKS to 100 different categories of business, professional and medical...categories.

3) Send out "Personal Invitations" (Wedding Announcement-Type) to ten members of each different category (make sure they are QUALITY bizes) ....telling them that "they" can be the "only" "Carpet Cleaner" in your "BestOf" website....provided they "act NOW" and pay your fee of:
3a) I suggest $50 set up and $50/mo for 3 mos = $200 from each participant

4) They will ALL want to know HOW are prospective, customers, clients and patients going to FIND your new website....in which they are the ONLY "Carpet Cleaner";
HERE'S how you will "sell them" on getting IN....NOW;
4a) You tell them you will send a Postcard to ALL "New Home Buyers"...each month...announcing your "BestOf" website....which has the "Best Of", Carpet Cleaners, Dentists, Doctors, Painters, Roofers, Pest Control Services, Banks, etc

COULD be a "Bonanza" for anyone who wants to take the time to set it up.

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