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September 6, 2007, 06:04 PM

Getting into the Trade Show business and even the smaller scale Home Expo business is Not an easy business...

It takes Serious planning, Hard work and Money... Some are Successful... Many are Not for the Show promoter and the Exibitor... Been there done that...

Do some Serious research... Attend & Study existing Trade shows and Home Expos for awhile...

In fact Going to Trade Shows to Find Specialty products...

And running/twisting a Marketing Service... Join Venture brokering for Trade Show Exibitor's is an Idea to Seriously consider... ;)

Here's a couple Great resources to get you Thinking...

See if you can get Dien to load a couple of these Archives back to Life... :)
There's Gold in the missing Archives!


"One Of The Best Trade Show Secrets I've Used And The Cost Is
Almost F r e e":
Tips To Get The Most Out Of Trade Shows:


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