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Skip Rosell
October 11, 2007, 12:10 PM
I'm hoping one someone can help me here. I purchased a copy of "Emergency Cash Generators" and want to run the moving sale directory business but I can't find moving sales in the classifieds of my paper (and believe me I've looked) like the author suggests. I can't make up the directory and sell the advertising otherwise.

Any suggestions? Would driving by houses for sale and marking down the addresses work as well? Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Artie,

Thanks for asking about movers.

In the archives are posts about this subject and some great suggestions. I started that thread but I do not think Dien has those posts up on the site yet. Maybe he can direct you toward the thread. Dien, Hint, if you can find the time, can you get some more of the archives up on the site? :)

I wrote a report on this subject and sold rights to James Jones, which he added a lot to, and placed on his site "Emergency Cash Generators".

So I know quite a bit about this report and subject. If you will send me the zip code(s) that you would like to target I am sure I can come up with a list of ways and sources to get the information you need. Just PM the zips to me and I will do some research for you and post that research here.

Best of success,

Skip Rosell

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