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January 25, 2008, 05:37 PM
There's a growing littany of scaremonger tactics out there to hypnotize you into thinking you see recession in your future, don't you think?


Who am I to say such a thing.

After all isn't it true?

We do have the 7 billion Dollar Average Joe Trader duping the world markets and Bush's Economic Stimulus Package Plan to tell us the world is spinning backwards.

Funny how these two supposed independent events coincide so nicely doesn't it?

We don't need Bush's ESP about as much Giuliani DOES need an ESP. That's Election Stimulus Package.

US Entrepreneurs: What are going to do with your tax rebate?

I plan on supersizing my Hot Wing Super Bowl Platter.

But what I wanted to notice was another ESP.

Maybe let's call it the Evergreen Stimulus Package.

As in how juicy it can be right now to tie everything to the Recession to peek interest for you.

I tried simple test using the template:
Can Blank Withstand A Recession?

Then just replaced the blank with something and all of it peeked my interest.

Can Australians Withstand A Recession?
Can India Withstand A Recession?

Can Apple Withstand A Recession?

Can Colleges Withstand A Recession?

Can Online Marketing Withstand A Recession?

Can Copywriters Withstand A Recession?

Can Direct Marketing Withstand A Recession?

We (me) are so (negativley)hyped by recession talk that if you associate anything to it right now you could boost your response.

Try it. Crank out some stuff it might work.

(By the way, I really do wonder what entrepreneurs plan on doing with their tax rebate. So let her rip if you want, ok?)

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