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March 27, 2008, 04:55 PM
Why aren't more people doing this? Printing a coated type discount credit card with say even 30 best visited places in your town and promote them to various organizations as a fast quck fundraisier for them to made quick easy money? I would think there are so many organizations to approach besides schools, organizations, clubs and most of all churches(you know how many there are with beg congregations) I think they would be the best to promote for you as churches always need to raise money for something. Perhaps charge $10 for the card, I do all the work and they just take order from their facility. It could go on and on , all the money from so many places, and I would have no ads to place.

My questions is this....How approachable are these places, what makes them say yes or no? It seems like here schools go with the same things year after year, the entertaininment book, selling magazines, wrapping paper, cookie dough, its the same stuff. How could I test the market before I even invest all my time and select and visit some of the restaurants and place, to make sure it could work? Do I just contact a few and tell them about a great fundraising idea and how do I approach it?

This is my first post and I am totally new to this, so please bear with me. Thank you, I'd like to hear some comments.

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