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May 20, 2008, 01:00 PM
Put together a "HotSheet" or small Report that is an "Intro" or "Preview" of your main program.....and sell it for $2 or more. The buyers of this have shown their interest by paying for the info.

I learned this many years ago when I ran ads in national magazines. Instead of "going for the jugular" on the initial pitch....I used the "TugBoat" technique by reeling them in slowly.

My ad would tell them to "Call My Recorded Message" (which was NOT a free "800 number".

The recording was "non-intimidating" and they could get more info on a topic that interested them. The 2 min recording gave benefits to my program and if they were interested in having More Info mailed to them, they could leave their name and mailing address "at the sound of the beep}.

I then sent them a 4-page sales letter which was to sell my "Preview Video" for a "Refundable Deposit of $20".

This further "qualified" them and "reeled them in closer.

The "Preview Video" explained my BIG Program and how they could benefit by "spending the BIG bucks" for it.

So...1) prospects spent their own money making the Intro call to hear the recording...2) they sent me $20 for the "Preview Video". This meant my Preview Video was going to Highly Qualified prospects.

I sold a LOT of my biz programs for $495 to $2,995 using this "system".

Nowadays...I'd put together a "Preview Report" and sell it for a few bucks. One program I'm working on, I'll be selling the Preview Report for $20 which then sells the main program for $497.

I'll be selling the Preview Report on ebay and other areas...even offering to do a Joint Venture with promoter people who have Huge Lists of active names. We split the $20 and I get the "back-end".

Find someone who is selling something Similar to your program and ask them if they'd be interested in a JV on your "Preview Report". You get the "back-end".

Any of these "Traffic" programs is just as if you were standing on a busy street corner in a big city, holding up a copy of your program and "Hawking" it's benefits. You'd be seen by thousands of people and "maybe" get 1 or 2 to stop and show any interest.

Don Alm
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