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May 21, 2008, 05:32 PM
AH. Your opinion is welcome. Share your vision of the Summer of 08 and we'll check in and see how everyone did in September.

Here's my OPINION. I just posted a new blog post at www.incomeandhappiness.com (http://www.incomeandhappiness.com) regarding my belief that the antiquated power grid we have in the US is about to take a major hit from overload and "rust" and neglect. I hope I'm wrong. But,

I see many repercussions from this current "energy" crisis. Gas prices could effect family vacations, the state of Michigan is running some serious advertising here in Ohio, and I have to wonder where are Ohio's ads? OH, we're too busy with the state Attorney Generals philandering.

So destinations may take a hit. The flip side; Disney's loss could be your gain if you are in the FUN business as day trips and long weekends will take place. The county fair will get big again (get those boiled peanut trucks out there).

The question I ask on the blog is: Do you think gas prices (as well as food prices and household supplies) will COME DOWN?

I don't think so. We've just getting into HURRICANE season, let's hope we have a very quiet year in the gulf. I mention this because my "people" in FL have had their share of problems, but are more prepared than most, and their neighborhood is very good at helping each other out. They all have electric generators, they have a neighborhood PLAN to weather the storm...last time it was 3 WEEKS without power, YIKES!!

And that is just one of the WINDS of Change that I wrote about last Fall. You can read that report at www.incomeandhappiness.com (http://www.incomeandhappiness.com)

The Summer Olympics could be explosively HOT, and who knows what goes from there. The US presidential election will be HOT. Dirty. Grimy as always and nothing changes for us citizens, no matter who gets elected.

These are my OPINIONS. Feel free to share your own.

OH, as to OPPORTUNITY, I like the electric BIKE and all things electric generating (that doesn't consume fossil fuel)...and I do like the Boiled Peanut idea. Which reminds me.

Last Monday I saw my old friend "GYRO BOB" down at the car show. GB has a little stand he sets up in Kent, OH during the school year and the rest of the time he goes to "EVENTS" like car shows, fairs, etc. GB also has 3 ice cream trucks he sets up at events, won't drive them in the street anymore. We had worked on a HOW TO VEND project a few years back, we may pick it up, so if you are interested at all in knowing the ins and outs of a street food vendor...take it from a guy who has over 15 years of experience, that would be Gyro Bob. Let me know if you are interested in this project.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. Gyro Bob's best day was around $9,000.00 at a FL motorcycle rally, and he averages a couple of thousand in profit at big events, several hundred dollars at our little weekly car show, but he does have a good product...Gyros, which are more expensive, but many find them a better choice than the boiled weenies for 2 or 3 bux too.

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