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July 12, 2008, 10:01 AM
Cash may be king, but a good supply of food may trump both cash and gold in the not very distant future.

Gordon Alexander

First off. NON working Americans that are not disabled or retired or under age, need a JOB.

Those that still have their jobs, need to replace the income, and preferably exceed it, that is being lost to cost of living expenses, including gas prices, and home mortgage "resets".

A part-time well paying job might do the trick. Good luck Middle Class America (MCA) with that option.

A different option is to "cut expenses" while gaining income. The BARTER way will do that. If my MCA could bring in an additional 400 to 500 bux a month, that would, MAYBE, keep them at their current level of living. With inflation and a raise in home heating gas and oil this winter, that's not going to be enough.

ONE way to achieve the cut/gain is to CO-OP, which is what we, and apparently many others did at one time in their lives, by exchanging goods and services.

My uncle had one of the most successful fruit and vegetable roadside stands in Ohio (I dragged Dien down there to see it) and he not only made substantial CASH profits, he was able to trade many other farmers for their crops...

And he made a nice sum of CASH too.

Now, we've discussed this before, but many churches set up their own food banks, or have kitchens...the members could use this as part of their coop. Food coops used to be pretty popular, now they are harder to find.

Gardening is actually FUN, and you can find studies that show it is good for your mental health as well. What does it take to plant some tomatoes or peppers? Not much.

Just a suggestion, go to your local club, SAMS, BJ's, COSTCO, whatever and pick up some Mason Jars or a freezer bag kit...just make sure you have enough "juice" to run your freezer when the blackouts hit...and do a little research online.

NOW HEAR THIS. If you would like to develop a product that would serve this market, we can help.

We are currently looking for products that fit the "home gardening", the barter and the "cut/gain" markets. This is YOUR chance to have a product that will get a lot of attention and eyes on it, cause we will handle the marketing. Send me email, NOT a private message, NOT an instant message and NOT a skype message, OK?

I'll give you some more details as to what we are looking for, but I think from this thread, you can get some pretty good ideas.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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