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July 11, 2008, 01:50 PM
Mushrooms will be a new currency in this recession, and BARTER is the hot buzz word.

A few years ago BARTER was mostly an underground economy, thanks to CRAIGSLIST, barter is going strong, thank you very much...

But before I get to Mushrooms...please enter my time machine and I'll transport you back to the 50s.

We had a pear tree, two peach trees, all kinds of rhubarb and a small garden. Mom did a lot of canning. And exchanging with neighbors.

She traded peaches for cherries, beans for corn, tomatoes for whatever.

Most of the neighborhood canned, and I think ALL of or nearly all of my relatives either canned, hunted or fished.

Even though we were some of the "poorer" people in town, we ate pretty dang good. Women baked pies, bread and traded and BARTERED with each other, and canned fruits and veges were an art form.

As you know by now, I'm beyond doom and gloom, and feel there will be across the board Martial Law within a few years. Anyhow, my personal beliefs aside...

I have a friend who has been growing mushrooms for a couple of years, they are pretty easy to grow and she has several varieties. She grows some of the varieties of her homeland, Cambodia, and their community is very into sharing and exchanging foods.

It is a good time to get into products about Home Gardening, freezing and canning of food supplies, heating your home efficiently...all things that can help offset the inflation of this recession. You should have seen the line at the pumps this morning, gas was being sold for the RIDICULOUSLY low price of just 3.89 ... Are we just being stupid? Or is this a belief by many Americans that gas prices AREN'T coming down anytime soon, so we might as well fill er up when it's so cheap, like at 3.89 a gallon?

Anyhow, I love the Shroom, there are many different varieties, with many flavors, and a ton of easy to find recipes online.

It won't be long until a pound of Shi*akes will buy you a steak dinner at the local steak house, and maybe dessert too.

Cash may be king, but a good supply of food may trump both cash and gold in the not very distant future.

Gordon Alexander

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