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September 6, 2008, 02:30 PM

"it's at too high a reading/intelligence level (for the intended audience)"

Be careful of imposing your prejudices onto other cultures.

Just because it goes Bang doesn't mean those who buy it are stoopid.

Granted, if you watch these guys shoot'n pigeons - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5800980610645157601 - (it's better than duck hunt'n and Nintendo) you might see an A Typical redneck stoopid person with a firearm (are airguns considered firearms in your juridiction... I don't think they are).

But down here, we generally don't have that because... shooting costs so much. More than stoopid people could be thought of as being able to afford.

E.g from a four page ad in the same magazine...

Remington: Cheapest firearm $865. The rest of the Remington Centerfires start at over $1,000.

Savage: Cheapest is $1,495.

Tikka: Cheapest is $970. Just one model, the rest start at over $1,000. $1,250 for a varminter, for eg.

Sako: Well, they make Tikka and Tikka is their Cheap version. So add a grand for the Sako starting prices.

Visit that same store and you won't find a shotgun under $1,000. W/ Brownings starting around the $2.5k mark.

Firearms are not available for next to nichts down here. KMart used to sell 'em like 20 years ago. But not any more. And with the Tough firearm laws down here, together with the high cost of the sport, it's not really something an unemployed person can get into at a whim.

Ain't no $150 firearms down here. Even airguns start at $300 and go up. With most around the $400 - $800 area. Some are over $2,500 - for an airgun.

Different culture down here, TW.

Michael Ross

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