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October 1, 2008, 08:47 PM
This isn't the only forum online. Don't like it? Don't come back.

How's that for taking some action?

Dien and I both spent several hours today dealing with the SPAM. Dien is putting in some SPAM safeguards, and all of it was done by REGISTERED posters.

We'd like to keep it a public forum. It is a labor of love for Dien, as for me, I'm a little tired of the REGISTERED posters spewing their political rants, raves and diatribes. PLEASE, take it down the road, I don't really care if you or anyone else posts here or not.

If you can do a better job, start your own damn forum and leave us alone, fair enough?

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. I have a link guard on my computer, get me once, shame on you, get me twice, shame on me. You can always right click the link to see the properties, but still, there are safeguards for clicking on links.

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