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Dien Rice
October 2, 2008, 05:32 PM
Yah...Right! Click on this and you are "Dead Dog Meat!"

When are you guys (Dien, Gordon J and Michael) going to STOP allowing "Anyone" to post here?
We've had a torrent of people trying to "spam" here in recent days... These were almost all "registered" users (which means, they "registered" before posting).

Board spammers can write software now which can read those "Captcha (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captcha)" images. So they use their software to go to forums like this, register, then post a lot of spam. I've put in some extra security things in place now to make it a little tougher for them to do that.

I'm sorry for some of the spam that made it through. I'll always be vigilant in fighting spam.

My "philosophy" is to hopefully make things as easy as possible for people who use the forum, while of course keeping out the "bad guys"! Unfortunately, everything you do to keep out the "bad guys" tends to make it a little more complicated for everybody else... So you have to try to find a balance.

Because of some recent spam that was posted, I've just put in place moderation rules so that people who are posting anonymously won't have their posts appear immediately. Instead, they will go into a moderation queue, then they'll appear once they are approved. (This is not directed at those great people who post anonymously, but instead its because of some recent very offensive anonymous-spam which was just posted.) Registered users probably won't notice a thing. :)

Sorry to everyone about these problems... We'll keep the spammers out! It's a little bit like a "cold war"... As they develop better and better "offensive weapons", we need to develop better "defensive weapons" to keep them out too!

Thanks for understanding...

Best wishes,


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