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October 2, 2008, 02:19 AM

Thanks for helping me help 1000's of home owners that IKE Hit.

Andrew called yesterday.

(Andrew is a friend who owns a roofing and construction company in TX.)

He said, "Glenn, I need your help. I'll pay 1000.00 a day to people who can help me. I've got 8 crews of roofers and construction guys working. But there are tens of billions of dollars of roof and structural damage from Hurricane Ike.

"I've got 2 or 3 YEARS of work lined up. More coming in.

"Every other home roof here on the coast of Texas has been ripped off.

I got on the phone.

I - Found an Entrepreneur in Mississippi with roof, chimney repair and SALES experience. 3-way Bob and Andrew on the phone. They hit it off. Andrew said, "Come on down. I can use help selling these deals."

II - Jose was referred to me from California.

Jose owns his own do-it-your-self Repair company. Can assess and estimate damages and price jobs. When Andrew heard what Jose could do - he said, "Get down here NOW. 1K a day is just the start. I'm close to 8K a day and growing. I can use your help."

III - Tom called. Tom owns a small roofing company in Modesto, CA - things are SLoooooowww in Modesto says Tom.

After talking roofing slang on the 3-way with Andrew. Tom says, "I'm 3rd generation roofing company. I've got 3 friends who own their own roofing businesses too. Things are so slow. They'll want to come too."

I got to thinking.

The members of this forum might know of others who would like to make BIG MUNNY for years. From the insurance companies that are paying to re-build.

Andrew needs sales people.

Managers, negotiators, people to help with his paper-work, insurance billing records, mechanics to keep trucks and equipment running.

Are you good at dealing with people? Somebody has to negotiate btwn the insurance people the contract workers and the home owners.

ALL kinds of job skills are needed.

Andrew tells me he's gotten the Trust and Endorsement of the President of a Home Owner Association - of 200 homes.

Plus he's getting 100 Home owner leads a week.

While we talked on the phone - home owners were giving him their business cards!

Email me if you have skills Andrew might need. Or know someone who wants to make Great munny for a YEar or two at least.

ONLY Refer me to people
you can Endorse 100% because
they've done work for you.

Andrew is a Golden Ruler - looking for men and women with Experience who keep their word.

Fellow entrepreneurs who want to make GOOD munny and help 1000's of people.

Email me in 24 hrs or not at all.

Glenn Osborn
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