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October 21, 2008, 12:47 PM
In today’s marketing world it is getting harder and harder to collect data online.

Most people have become “list resistant” online. Almost everyone has a email address that they never check to use to complete most forms today.

This presents a major problem for marketers like us who are attempting to market online. How can we collect the prospects real name and their right (primary) email address?

ANSWER: By collecting a postal mailing address.

If you give visitors something of true value and mail it to them via the postal service they MUST GIVE YOU CORRECT DATA to receive their package.

Since they are giving you their postal mailing address they are much more likely to also provide you with their real name and primary email address!

It sounds simple, but the obvious challenge is... What of value do you mail them?

Glenn offers to send a Free Sample of his Healthy Chocolate.

I prefer to take a more generic approach and first send them an audio CD by New York Times Best Selling Author of the Rich Dad / Poor Dad books Robert Kiyosaki. The CD will educate people on the advantages of starting a home based business. If your prospect isn't interested in having their own home based business after listing to Robert Kiyosaki's CD you won't have to waste your time showing them what you can offer them.

This is working much better for me then sending prospects to any company specific site. This is also working much better for me than my other capture pages that offer a free digital download. Chances are you can apply this concept to whatever product or service you decide to market.

Steve Shulenski

Are your lead capture pages not working like they use to?

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