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Dien Rice
November 6, 2008, 03:29 PM
Hi Gordon ~

Looooong time no speak. Hope things are well with you.

Not sure if you are the one to ask this or not - you are the high tech guru yes? But if anyone can answer that would be great.

When the forum was converted from Webbbs how smooth was that transition? Related - did you retain the previous search engine links or not?

Hi Dan,

Nice to see you! :)

I don't know if I'm a "high tech guru"... Maybe more of a "medium tech aspirant"... ;)

Converting took a bit of work. In fact, not all of the archives are fully converted to the new format (it takes some manual work to do). So it's not totally smooth. Unfortunately, the previous search engine links did not convert over.

In our case, I had no choice but to convert over because of attacks that were being made on the forum, due to some vulnerabilities in WebBBS. These attacks kept crashing the server. I had no choice except to change to different software. (My web host made that clear, since the attacks were also bringing down other websites that were being hosted on the same server.) So that's what we did...

I hope that helps! :)

Best wishes,


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