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November 6, 2008, 11:32 AM
There's 3 ways to go with these;

1) Offer to distribute them to a Small number of people, like, "New Movers.
I had a "Welcome Book" in which I had GREAT Discount Offers. 2 fer 1 Dinners...FREE Pizzas....$10 Off Anything in the Store...FREE Oil Changes.
I sent them to 100 New Movers each month and charged the participants $200 a month ($2 a book)

They were willing to give GREAT discounts because the Books were going to a Special Audience that they wanted to get in their businesses FIRST...and there were only 100 possibilities.

2) Offer to distribute them to 10,000 local consumers.
I operated a "Val-Pak" Mailing service where I'd charge each participant $495 each. However, because the Books were going to so many people, the participants offered, Mickey-Mouse offers like, 10% Off...$1 Off Dinner...$2 Off Oil Change...free Coke with samdwich.

And...as a result...the participants received Mickey-Mouse response so I was continually replacing advertisers.

3) Offer to distribute them to 2,000 consumers for which consumers would BUY the Books for $20 each.
Sponsors were willing to give "2 for 1" dinners and $10 Off Oil Change and $5 Off Pizzas...etc. Offers were less than the "100 distribution" but more than the "10,000" distribution.

Don Alm

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