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January 29, 2009, 04:15 AM
With a little Brainstorming and some innovative Thinking... Posting trade, contract and employment ads on Craigslist... Hmmm!

Then screening them into Quality Leads and misc. placement opportunities...

All kinds of ideas & possibilities to consider... Including finding/brokering and offering Trade related courses, seminars etc...

Congrats Gordon!

Great to hear the news on the opening of your Training Center concept... Looking forward to reading more about it... Maybe even the online Training Center spin-off too...

Dreams, ideas and a few other things Definitely go way back throughout the history of the SowPub archives... Everyone should read 'em when they've got a chance...

Of course there's always the Negative depressing news... But you just never know, Sometimes out Pops an Amazing idea!

World economy may lose 51 million jobs

Once again... Apply it to your Life...

The POWER of Positive Thinking...

And a few more Quick picks... Interesting reads that just might Give some a little food for thought and a Full time income... ;)

Why Entrepreneurs Love a Downturn

Recession got you down? Create your own company by writing a business plan

Founder of upscale potato chip brand: Good time to start a business

Whizkid Bill (18) gives tips on beating the recession

The Printed Blog... ;)


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