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February 6, 2009, 12:18 PM
Yes, ADD. Actually diagnosed many years ago with Attention Deficit Disorder.

It is as good a "reason" for not getting things done as there is. Fortunately, I've been able to stay aware of all detours and opportunities to get sidetracked and have actually gotten some things done.

Anyhow, now that I am learning to TWITTER and see you can post links in your tweet, then I might as well have them come here, right?

In today's tweet I wrote that I was making some healthy Pizzelles and some granola in a mug as well as working on Harvey Brody's TOLL POSITION book due out in April.

So, here's the deal on the PIZZELLES.

I spent my high school years at Papa Felice's Pizza Shop where we made all things "Italian" from scratch...and the holidays always brought out the pizzelle iron, a cookie, like a sugar ice cream cone unwrapped...for those who have never had any.

Anyhow, I got a new pizzelle maker for Christmas, industrial strength and I've been playing around with some HEALTHY varieties...including sugar free cookies and VEGETABLE laden pizzelles.

I'm staying gluten free, no sugar, no salt...fresh organic ingredients only, and I've come up with some good recipes, which I'll gladly share with other pizzelle fans.

See, I wanted something to replace that potato chip/Dorito/frito/pretzel snack that has been doing me dirt for so many years.

I want crunchy, that seems salty (thanks Mrs. Dash) yet isn't going get me any closer to the grave...so, I have decided to make my own.

Pizzelles are thin, but they don't have to be, so I've been able to use my Magic Bullet and put in broccoli and spinach and use rice flour and ground organic oatmeal along with a variety of salt free spices to create some pretty tasty snacks...and some really gaggy ones too. YIKES.

Then, at Christmas, I got a cake in a mug...and I took the recipe and have been playing around with it. The recipe lets you "bake" a cake in 3 minutes in your microwave. How sweet and convenient.

Only thing is, I don't eat cakes or cupcakes, so I've modified the recipe to create a bunch of 3 minute muffins, using fresh blueberries, peaches, oatmeal, rice flour, flaxseed and acai, which my kid brought back from Brazil 3 years ago (not what I'm using today, just the "concept" of acai {pronounced ah sigh EE} and tells me they have Acai Bars in CA.

Anyhow, I've been able to create some interesting MUG snacks and even 3 minute MUG meals...perhaps I should write a cookbook? There are other cookbooks on MUG cooking in the microwave, but they are sugar and salt and flour laden...not for the person interested in health.

Is there anyone here who has used a pizzelle maker, and has a good recipe? (I'll modify it to my healthy needs) AND,

is there anyone else who is doing any MUG cooking in the microwave?

I'd love to hear from you.

And the Harvey Brody update is progressing, and I'm answering the 50 questions that some of you sent in years and years and years ago...and getting feedback from a FEW people in the field whom we've given some guidance to.

So, I'm working. Doing things in short spurts of a couple of hours, that way I can stay focused...it helps when I attack the toughest project first thing in the moring...and on some days, I actually stay on task all through the day.

But most days, I break my work up with trips to the kitchen to try to whip up something worth eating that isn't also killing me...and there are some pretty awful tasting days in there too...not only is organic and health food more expensive, but often, (until you get your taste buds adjusted) pretty yucky too.

Yesterday I circled McDonald's 3 times before I left without ordering any greasy, salt/poop/sugar laden cheesburgers...good for me?

OK, so if I tweet and have something to tweet about, I'll post here, unless it gets obnoxious and uninteresting...so my 7 followers can read what's on my mind.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS, If anyone wants to collaborate on a recipe book, I'm open to that, but I don't have much time to do anything other than send the recipes to you. So if you have the time to do a Joint Venture cookbook, then email me at gjabiz@yahoo.com

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