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Dien Rice
February 8, 2009, 08:55 PM
So glad to hear you are ok. My sympathy to the families there. Also, is Michael ok? and do you know what is happening in South Wales? (one of my other internet colleagues lives there on a farm with her horses, and we've not heard anything, yet)
Sandy at Sowpub.
Hi Sandy,

The fires, as far as I know, have only affected the state of Victoria (where I am). I don't think anything bad has happened in New South Wales - they've had much milder weather, I think. Michael is in Queensland, which also is not affected by fires (though north Queensland has had some flooding, however, Michael's in the southern part of Queensland).

Australia's a big country, so states can be quite large! So in these different states, we're quite a long way from each other. (Michael, for example, is about 1,200 miles or 2,000 km away from me.)

Thanks for your note, Sandy (and to Sandi too)...

Best wishes,


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