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February 10, 2009, 02:22 AM

Thanks for asking about Water.

My state - Queensland - has enough water in the dams. And as our dams get lower we are subjected to different types of water restrictions.

My city publishes the dam levels here

While Somerset looks High, it is only a small dam. And when water is released from it, the water flows into the larger Wivenhoe dam.

This weather beruea rader image http://www.bom.gov.au/products/IDR663.shtml shows the weather as it approaches Brisbane. At around 9 o'clock t0 10:30 o'clock you can see both of these dams. And thus their relationship to Brisbane.

If you then go to Google Maps you'll have an idea on where to look.

To give you an idea on Scale, the Gold Coast (city) is south of Brisbane - which is marked on the map. Gold Coast is signified by Southport on that map. A little left and south you'll see Hinze Dam. That dam feeds the Gold Coast and no other City. The Gold Coast also gets some water from Brisbane. And the Gold Coast is where a Desalination Plant has been built.

In Brisbane, what people also don't know is, down near Cedar Grove a weir has been built on a small nondescript river. Water is Pumped from that weir into the city's water grid. When all construction is finished, that lowly weir will be fed by two LARGE holding pond reservoirs- and - another Dam out near Boonah (to the left of Hinze Dam).

With around 1,500 people a Week moving into the area, Brisbane and the Gold Coast need to find other sources of water. They may be fine now (just), but in the future is where the issues lay.


As for Distances. As Dien pointed out, our respective cities are around 1200 miles apart. Pull up a map of Australia with Google maps.

On the right about half way up is Brisbane - the city I live in. Dien live in the State of Victoria. Its capital (Melbourne) is roughly at the bottom of the state where is comes back up from the left and right.

The country itself is around the same size as the USA. But, as you can see, the Main Land is divided into six sections with one Island to the south of Victoria being number 7. Unlike the USA main 48 states with 2 out of the main land mass.

So we have the land mass of the USA with only 20 million people.

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