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February 15, 2009, 10:47 PM
Someone posted about a tight nit of Internet Marketers not letting any newbies. I have to say, why would you want to be in that particular group? No one has the market cornered for any one subject anymore these days. If this group endorses each others products and you yourself already realize this, how many other people do so as well?

Once it appears to people that a group of writer/marketers are basically just trading endorsements and marketing to one another’s lists… the effect becomes diluted and eventually, a regression occurs as it has with you. Just remember, when one person realizes something, there’s a whole mass of people out there who realize and think the same thing.

Once you believe one person is just endorsing another’s product because they’re either making a commission or they’re regular endorsement traders… the power of the endorsement is basically null and void. You no longer believe the sincerity behind the endorsement. Once that happens, belief in the sincerity behind the sales letters wanes as well. Sales drop, people unsubscribe and they need the power of 5 lists to do what they used to be able to accomplish with 1 list. Their own!

Once you jump on “this is the latest technique and we’re all doing this” you’re on a fast moving train that’ll lose a lot of people along the way. It’s like multi-level marketing guys who jump from one product to the next and take their “list” with them.

Someone (or a bunch of people) mentioned twitter. Nothing against Twitter, so don’t call out the lynch mob on me, but… wasn’t MySpace Marketing supposed to be all the craze just a year or two ago? Or was it FaceBook or that Internet SEO craze? The point is, when something is NEW, it gets attention. I thought all the experts we’re talking to one another on MySpace?

There are no clubs worth joining or no inner-circles worth joining to lament being frozen out of. There hasn’t been one in the last 13 years (the time that I’ve been online) that I know of.

I used to feel bad because my money was made offline back in the 90’s when everyone was making money online – or so it seemed. I was publishing booklets back then and felt like I was missing out on everything! Can you imagine that? I felt like I was missing out because all my money was being made offline instead of online.

Today I use my online publications to market my services to offline clients. Yes, they have websites, but they’re not “Online Businesses” if you follow what I’m saying.

Some may not agree, but from where I’m sitting it seems much wiser to become an “Internet Marketing Expert” to your local community and the businesses and organizations located there than it would be to concentrate on doing the same thing online. Either way, you’re online, so that’s a constant. Local businesses, however, have the cold hard cash to buy your services much more readily than the poor guy working 3 jobs by day and putting $197 dollar packages on his credit card by night.

Not only that, but local businesses will recommend you to others in the community and will give you repeat business. Poor 3-Job Joe doesn’t have enough room on any of his credit cards for repeat business these days.

I have to run because I should be working on a client’s project instead of typing in a discussion board right now… (some habits are hard to break once you get started), but I’ll leave you with this –

Some of the most talented people I know are also the most frustrated and make the least amount of money. If you fit that category, consider this – “You have too many options.” I’m currently working with a guy who played in the 80’s band TOTO. He’s from Cleveland, Ohio. He played Keyboards in the studio for them and was with them when they were making their big comeback in the 80’s, playing the Hollywood Bowl and other places. He was going to be their new keyboard player. Then the drummer died, the whole thing blew up, and he went on to write songs and design movie sets for movies like Stallone’s forgettable flick – “Over the Top.”

He has more talent than any one single person I’ve ever met in my life. He has so many good ideas… but none of them are making any real money because every time one thing gets started, something else distracts him and dilutes his efforts (like Twitter may for some of you guys). He bounces from one idea to the next.
Here’s a video link of him playing around on the keyboards. I didn’t tell him I put this on YouTube yet because I was just testing the video camera out and was learning how to use it. (http://www.mynationalpublicity.com/gary)

Well, I have to get going on 3 client publicity projects that will keep my going fast and furious over the next two weeks.

I hope everyone gets something out of this post. No disrespect intended to the Twitter, MySpace, FaceBook, Seminar fans out there.

And of course, be sure to buy a few of my books, programs and services. If I ever start doing seminars or run for office I will then have to explain why I was really wasn’t saying everything I appeared to be saying in this post.

This seems to be one of the last, up-to-date marketing forums left from the past century. Anthony Blake is still around, but the old names that I remember seem long gone.

I remember Michael Ross from way back. I followed his New Year’s Eve post from 2000 when the world was supposed to end. I still have it. He wrote about a dog barking and fireworks going off… and all else was hush…

I think he was eating pizza, too, if I remember correctly? It was a great, great post. One that could be put in a history book a hundred years from now if anyone wanted to know what it was like and when the clock strikes midnight and Armageddon was supposed to begin.

If I remember right, Anthony Blake said it would be unwise to make you angry because you’d tear someone’s head off? Was that you? It was the Y2K hype that was getting to you, wasn’t it? Poor Gary North lost his whole direct marketing biz by 12:05 a.m. Poof! It was gone.

I’ve read posts by Dien Rice way back when and I remember thinking, “Now this is a laid back, relaxed fellow you’d probably want to have a beer and pretzels with.”

And, of course, Gordon. Gordon do you know I bought your eBooks when I was first getting started? You divided the Internet up into pools. I think that was how you phrased it? There was spiritual, business, etc.

It was YOUR post way back when helped me get started believe it or not. I was just getting started and you wrote – “Keep an eye on Jimmy Krug, he’s out there DOING things… not just talking.” When I read that, to me, that was an endorsement of a Guru who’d been raised by Guru’s! That post gave me more encouragement than I can tell you. I told everyone I knew (all 4 people) that you gave me the thumbs up.”

You just ask if you ever want any of the books or software programs I sell. I’ll send them to you on the house.

I’ll check back here on this board from time to time.

Best wishes for good success to all of you in 2009!

Take care,
Jimmy Krug

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