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March 13, 2009, 05:27 AM

Thanks for emailing me your Obama Head Tilt Results.

I've gotten permission to share.



Dear Glenn,


Went to the gym last night to try your new strategy out.

Saw this girl behind the counter, I said to some women next to the counter, "Doesn't her hair look good."

Then I turned to girl behind the counter, "I like your hair."

Head tilt, she had a shocked look and blurted out, "Thanks."
Then I did the head tilt again, got a short shocked look on her face.

Afterwards I thought about what did I get out of this, what was the purpose?

Later on in the gym when I glanced at her she was stroking her hair.

Then it came to me I made her feel good about herself. Spreading happiness is good enough reason to do this.


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