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March 25, 2009, 01:33 AM
Hey Jim,

I have to say I agree with you 100%. I had my lights turned off, no food in the refrigerator and have been on the verge of bankruptcy in my life. The lights were turned off while I was taking a shower!

I sat my butt down in a chair, picked up a Bible and said, "Lord, I'm going to follow your instructions in this book. If it doesn't work, I'm gonna burn the book and go to hell."

It probably sounds funny, to most of you sitting out there right now. The thing was, I was dead serious.

I came through that time in my life like a man tried by fire. The question is, can you be grateful for what you have in spite of what you don't?

I'm not talking about "The Secret" or something like that. I'm talking about the situation where you push every button and pull every lever you know and still... nothing good happens.

If you can still be grateful as you spiraling down the tubes, you truly have something that no book or course can give you.

I don't say this to minimize what's happening with you and the people around you, buddy. I really don't. But this country was founded by men who faced what seemed to be insurmountable odds and no guarantees for tomorrow.

What they did have was faith, gratitude and the hope of a better tomorrow. "In God We Trust" is the official motto of the United States and the State of Florida (where I live.) It's mine, too. Regardless of what the government does or doesn't do.

So don't lose heart, Don. It's not over, till it's over.


Hey Jim...."Today" thinking is fine...however....that is NOT what most of the 20% UNemployed in MY area (Douglas County, Oregun...where an Owl is more important than Humans)....are thinking about.

What they, and many of the other EMployed people are thinking about is.... TOMORROW!

Can they get food....TOMORROW?

Can they pay their mortgage....TOMORROW?

Can they provide for their families....TOMORROW?

What MOSt of the humans in my area are thinking about is....TOMORROW!

It is NOW coming around to the FACT that....the person "they" voted for.... for "CHANGE"....may NOT be the person who can allay their fears about... TOMORROW!

In fact...since this guy took the office of the Prez....many of the folks are NOW asking themselves whether they want HIS kind of "Change". And the more they see of "Our Prez" (on the Leno Show or 60 Minutes)...the more they are coming to realize they do not like the kind of "Change" HE is bringing.

"HE" is coming across as a "Doofuss"....causing further fear of what's going to happen...."TOMORROW".

So....granted...."Feed yourself today"...clothe yourself today, etc .... BUT....what about....TOMORROW? Many people HERE, in the Pacific Northwest may not get a restful sleep TONIGHT....worrying about what's going to happen....TOMORROW!

Don Alm.....storing up food, firewood and supplies.....and trying to give some "Hope" to those worrying about.....TOMORROW!

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