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March 31, 2009, 08:48 PM
Randy Sutton brought up something I've been "looking at" since last November when we became "Obamafied". Almost EVERY Business, large or small is seeing "Less Consumer Spending"...with the result being, they (small and large businesses) are now offering, or willing to offer....BIG DISCOUNTS to "motivate comsumers to come in and SPEND!"

My local newspaper has started a "Coupon Book Insert" in their Sunday edition. It contains discount offers from various types of businesses to SPUR consumers to BUY!

This caused me to start looking into;
....Setting up a website offering "Discount Coupons" from Local Businesses.

This would simply be a Listing of Links to webpages of Local Businesses where consumers could see a Logo and Info about the business and...a Coupon that could be printed out.

Now....I would set up a Main website (ex: TacomaDiscounts.com) I would promote this site by sending a PostCard to a "New Movers List"...showing the List of Links and their discounts. (Even is this "down time" there are still an average of 120 "New Movers" per month {People who move from one address to another and not necessarily totally "new" to the area})

I would also place my "Promo PostCard" in the local Newspaper as an Insert so local consumers can fold this Card and keep it next to their PC for future reference. Plus...I'd run local Radio, TV and Newspaper ads, promoting the site for "Local Discounts"

Now....for this I would ask "$159 SetUp and $159 a month x 3 mos = $477 + $159 = $636 (initially)

Thus....I think I could sell 50 "initial" participants in my "3 month Trial", in a month, by setting up an Initial Site....and offering to Drop the SetUp Fee IF they join me for my "3-Month Trial" (This comes from 30yrs of selling stuff to local small business owners)...so....I'd be asking them to part with $477 for a "3-Month Trial"....however....they'd have to give me GOOD Discounts...No "10% Off or any "Percentage" discounts...strictly DOLLAR DISCOUNTS where each Coupon is worth "X" dollars ($5 Off Lunch, $50 Off 3 Room Cleaning, $1,000 Off a Roofing Job, $500 Off Exterior Paint Job, $25 Off Pest Control Service, FREE Initial Dental Exam and Cleaning ($250 Value)...etc

I'd offer an EXCLUSIVE for each Category (Which increases the VALUE of the program)

Now...once you get 5 or 10 participants, the others will fall like Dominos...so that...your Goal of having 100 Local Participants paying YOU $159/mo is $15,900 in your pockets every month and you monthly cost is;

$10 for the Host
$20 for the List of New Mover Names
$30 for Postage
(Printing is negligible because you use your Inkjet Printer)

So....Chew on THIS "Seed Of Wisdom" money-making Idea!

Don Alm....Idea Guy

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