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May 15, 2009, 02:27 PM
I've closed the thread and STUCK it because it contains some great advice and is a mini-lesson in itself. So we'll keep it stuck for awhile for people to dig out the nuggets of gold. I felt Don Alm's post was the exclamation point on the thread.

If you want to pick up the train of thought regarding TOLL Positions of marketing a product, then this thread will be useful.

Let me make a comment about TOLL positions...and as a few of you have mentioned...it isn't about the PRODUCT...it is about the DEMAND for the product.

Without Demand and Controlled Supply, you don't have a TOLL Position.

Products are a dime a dozen...easy to find and easy to secure, but the reason they are so often easy to get is because their owner didn't know how to market OR, there wasn't a market for the product...one that was big enough, and had a continuous DEMAND in place that isn't being served, or being poorly served OR your product serves it better.

Agreed, finding MARKETS (wants/desires/demands...proven by people spending money on a product)...is the far better starting point than trying to create demand for your products. It can be done, of course, but the faster, easier way is to identify a DEMAND...then secure your supply, create or acquire it or get exclusive arrangements for it...

and then you will save yourself time and money (although it shouldn't require much money) and TONS of frustration.

THANKS to everyone who offered great advice in the CLOSED AND STUCK thread, it has tons of gold nuggets in it, so extract as much as you can for your own use.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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