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May 21, 2009, 10:07 PM
Don... bull. This is something I know a little about.....

No one in their right mind would pay you $245 dollars a week to pick up trash. You're talking about $70 an hour for picking up trash.

AND unless YOU have ever done this, most small lots DO NOT get that dirty every night. AND THATS A FACT!

Oh yeah BTW I owned a parking lot sweeping business, with a REAL $80,000 truck. A sweeping business will get anywhere from $40 - $80 an hour. Depending on what kind of job it is. BUT even mall parking lots are swept every other night. Grocery store lots (which get really trashy quick) get swept 3 times a week.

NOW from what you are saying that's a $1000 a month for each client.

The ONLY 2 clients I billed that much were HONDA and ROCHE. VERY LARGE INDUSTRIAL SITES!

NO WAY that someone pays that much to pick up litter, much less not sweeping their lot. AND WE PICKED UP LITTER TOO.

Quit giving people hope, with your whimsical ideas. You're doing much more harm than good.


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