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September 30, 2009, 09:28 PM
Hey Don and Dien,

Thanks for the question/comments.

There were no "big hits." Just lots of base hits and doubles. :) A big hit isn't necessary to do whatever you want in life. A nice car, a big house, and all the other trappings of "success" are useless. I sold my BMW and rented out my house (both remnants of my former consumerist past) before I left. I'm effectively "homeless." :) I even sold my beloved Gibson SG guitar because what use is it if I can't play it?

Example about not needing a lot to live an extraordinary life:
Yesterday I posted a tweet about my expenses since leaving for Australia on 1 Sept. I calculated it out of curiosity since I don't have an actual budget for this trip. $1750 USD in 30 days. That includes all accommodations, foods, transportation, and entertainment. If I didn't eat out 2-3 times/day it would be half. :) It doesn't include my plane ticket to get here from the US though.

RE: Free Auction Profits. I never made that much money from that eBook. I think it sold 2,000 or so copies at $20-$30 (there were 2 versions). At least half the sales were from affiliates and it was sold through Clickbank (huge fees) so my actual profit on that eBook was probably $20k total. I have it up for free as a sort of archive since the eBook is completely outdated now.

I released a few products after FAP that did a lot better, but I've made most of my income from affiliate marketing. And I still do a variation of that while on the road. :)

Like Dien stated, I have some ideas/plans for the future, but they're a long ways out. I'm not exactly itching to get back into the "how to make money" biz. I do have a goal of helping 100 people achieve Ridiculously Extraordinary Freedom and that will happen over time...


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