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October 6, 2009, 08:50 PM
Hey Yeah, Gordo....Jerry was my first "mentor" in the "Entroopener" stuff.

Jerry had a newsletter that, every month STIMULATED the Brain Cells as to what others were doing to make money and...he'd occasionally put his spin on it.

Jerry's first product was a 1-page report on "How To Rid Your Property of Gophers and Moles".

He was a 'Sales Rep" for a big outfit in the Midwest. Decided to quit and become a "Farmer" in Washington State.

Well...when he took a tour of his new acreage he discovered many Gopher and Mole Holes. The next morning as he was going into town he happened to notice the Golf Course adjacent to his property.

It did NOT have any Gopher or Mole Holes...so....he pulled in and went to see the head groundskeeper...who told him the "Secret" to getting rid of Gophers and Moles, forever.

Jerry tried it and...it worked like a charm. No more Gophers or Moles digging up his property.

This amazed him so that he decided to type up a 1-page letter and run some classified ads in Farmer's Mags....that went something like this;
"Rid your property of Gophers and Moles Forever. Send $3 to Jerry Buchanon, Box 123...etc"

Well...it usually takes 2 months for your ad to appear, from the time you place it...so...Jerry went about his business and forgot about the ad.

Then one day he got a call from the local PostOffice. They told him he should get down to the PO because they have 3 bags of mail for him

So...he goes down and there are hundreds of $3 orders for his "Gopher" report.

This caused Jerry to get HIGHLY INTERESTED in the "Mail Order" biz. which he did. He put together a $10 Booklet about his mail order biz and started his TOWERS CLUB Newsletter.

That's when I came in contact with him and got me interested in "Remote Marketing".

I got to meet Jerry before he passed on and he was as Down-To-Earth as you could find. He had subscribers all over the globe and was sooo excited about Life and finding new ways of doing things.

He's what got me stimulated in New Products and New Marketing Methods.

Yeah....I'd LOVE to see the old ad or article. I'm getting ready to give my grandkids an "education" on how their granpa was able to have just 2 "Employers". General Electric in Chgo (out of college) and a Ford Dealer in Colorado when Exxon pulled out, overnight, from making Oil from Oil Shale... leaving 2600 families in a lurch and causing the area UNemployment to go to 30%. Wow. Talk about having to "grab yer buns with both hands".

Ohhh...quick story;
The Ford Dealer hired me on the spot and I was "Low Man" on the sales team and...I became the TOP salesman within 2 weeks due to "the way my mind works". Here's what I did;

From being in the Aspen area I noticed that, many of the Zillionaires wore old T-Shirts and worn out Levis as they went about BUT....on their FEET...they had VERY EXPENSIVE FOOTWEAR.

The "Rich" always (the ones I knew) take care of their TEETH, FingerNails AND, their FEET.
So...my first day as a Car Salesman, onto the lot walks a guy with a Big head of hair...wearing a holey T-Shirt and holey Levis BUT...on his feet were a pair of Tony Lama Boots (about $1,000 in thos days)

So...the salesguy whose turn it is to meet people who come onto the lot (they're called "UP's") ...looks at this seemingly bummy guy...comes over to me and says, "Hey Don! Why don't you take this one!" (Saving his "UP" for the next person on the lot and thinking he'd dump this guy on me, the new guy)

Well....the "bummy guy" turns out to be LEON URIS who wrote EXODUS and other big hits and movies.

I wind up selling his THREE TRUCKS for his ranch in Aspen AND...he gives me the names of many of his Aspen buddies who I procceeded to sell many cars and trucks to (Buddy Hackett, Jack Nicholson, Jill St John, Robert Wagner)

And...one other "Marketing Technique" I used from my "Psychology Classes" at Northwestern (Psych was my minor and has stood me well over the years);

When someone comes into a Dealer's lot to Trade in his Clunker he wants "TOP DOLLAR" for his Clunker...and if you don't give him LOTS MORE than it's worth...he'll go to another dealer so....I figured I had to come up with a way to "Diffuse" his "Over Value" of his clunker trade.

Here's what I did;
I looked over the outside, the tires...then got into the driver's seat. Aked the owner to give me the keys and get into the passenger side.

I turned the ignition, revved the motor up a little...then...turned off the engine and at the same time...in my LOUDEST VOICE...I yelled, "WHAT WAS THAT NOICE?" I'd nearly scare the PeeWadin outa the guy AND, he would then proceed to "tell me the TRUTH" about EVERYTHING that had happened to that vehicle while he had it.

"Oh well, I rolled it and bent the heck outa the frame. An the thing needs a new ramafritz plus the gitzagator was stuffed with extra-thick oil...etc, etc"

I not only got the trade owner to accept a LOWER PRICE for his clunker AND, I stopped him from going to another dealer...giving ME the business WITHOUT me having to "twist his arm" or use and High-Pressure tactics on him.

It was FUN...and...I made 2 to 3 times more commission as any other salesguy.

And...my first "JOB" at GE only lasted for about a year because within a few days of being hired I discovered I was replacing a guy who had been with the Co for 30 yrs and who was being "let out to pasture BEFORE his Vested Retirement Rights kicked in".

So...I started a Burglar Alarm biz from scratch and made a great living.

Then...about 6 mos after my Car Sales "JOB"...we could NOT give cars away. It was the end of Carter's admin where Interest Rates went to 21% on Car Loans (which was the last time we had ALL Democrats in Congress AND the WhiteHouse. How soon we forget WHO the dems are)

Anyway...thanks from bringing this topic up.

Don Alm...reminiscing on a beyootiful fall day in the Pacific Northwest (almost as pretty here as in New England this time of year)

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