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September 29, 2009, 11:16 AM
Roses Are Red,
The Sky is Blue,
Thank You Gary Halbert,
We Remember You.

Dear Friend,

As You Can See, I've stapled a Poem to The Top of This Letter.

Why did I do that?

3 Reasons:

#1 - Because You Have The Attention Span of a Gnat - after Skimming Thru 100's of Emails and Postings a Day SO I Needed a Way to GRAB Your Attention.

#2 - Because I Wanted to Share a BILLION DOLLAR Sales Letter Template or Format, That Gary Halbert Invented, with you.

#3 - And Because AnyTime We Wanna' Make Some Munny Selling INFORMATION On-line or in Direct Mail this Technique Out-pulls All Others.

I first Heard Gary talk about THE 1.00 Bill Letter in 1989. TWENTY YEARS LATER Lots of Us Still Mail Using This Format. We use it because it makes money like crazy.

I wrote it down in 1989. Have used the idea non-stop ever since.

Here's How It goes:


Dear Friend,

Thanks for reading my letter.

As You Can See, I've fastened a shiny new 1.00 Bill to the top of this letter.

Why did I do that?

2 Reasons:

#1 We all sort our mail over the trash can and I needed a way to GRAB your Attention.

#2 - Since What I'm Writing You About Can Put Munny In Your Pocket, I thought a 1.00 Bill to be a Perfect Attention Grabber.

Here's What It's All About...


You Could Spend YEARS Testing and Never Find a More Profitable Way to Begin ANY Letter.

Most folks Who Try to Sell Stuff on and off-line DO insist on testing Un-tried ways to communicate with customers and prospects.

THEY Usually FAIL.

People READ Your Offer More Often Because Your 1.00 Bill Says, "You Are Important. So I'm Paying You To Read My Letter."

What Else Beside Munny Can You Use as a Grabber?

I've Been Sent GRABBER Letters with baggies of sand to sell Beach front Property. And From Australia - A TREE LEAF Letter.



Dear Friend,

Thanks for reading my Letter.

As You Can See, I've fastened an Oak Leaf to the top of this letter.

Why did I do that?


To REMIND You That The FALL Season is coming. Falling Tree Leaves tell us that. So You May Want to Start Thinking about _____________.

Here's what it's all about -


I've Personally Send Out Letters With Balloons on Top.

Dear Friend,

As You Can See, I've Paper-clipped a Red Balloon to the top of this letter.


Because I Want to Blow Up and EXPLODE some false information about _____________ You May Have Seen Lately.

Here's what it's about:


I Can Hear You Doubting Thomases Out there saying, ""But Glenn I can't use Gary's GRABBER Idea Template On-line in my E-mails, Ezines and Offers - Can I?


Here's How You Do It -

JUST SUPPOSE You Used Some FREE Photo Software Like SKITCH to put a Photo on Top of Your Offer?

I Closely Watch What Sells Best on E-bay and other sites to figure out what INFORMATION Will Sell Well.

So My E-mail to you might LOOK Like This -

http://img.skitch.com/20090929-qjps141451dk34p2dq8c9kq5e3.preview.jpg (http://skitch.com/glennosborn/nbduw/re-ebay-true-blood-the-complete-first-season-dvd-2009-5-disc-set-the-greatest-conflict-news-from-th-front-lines-of-wwii-box-by-various-artists-cd-nov-2005-20-discs-mill-creek-entertainment-and-more)
Click for full size (http://skitch.com/glennosborn/nbduw/re-ebay-true-blood-the-complete-first-season-dvd-2009-5-disc-set-the-greatest-conflict-news-from-th-front-lines-of-wwii-box-by-various-artists-cd-nov-2005-20-discs-mill-creek-entertainment-and-more) - Uploaded with plasq (http://plasq.com)'s Skitch (http://skitch.com)

Dear Bingo,

Thanks for asking about how I Come Up With ideas to Write about and sell on the web.

As You Can See, I've pasted a photo of some of the Top Selling Products on E-bay.

Why is it UP there?

ONE Reason -

So when we talk You and I will have 100's of specific money making categories IN COMMON to discuss.


You Can ALSO Put An Audio File or a Video Up top and fit it into Gary Halbert's ATTN GRABBER Template just fine.

I've got two - low cost - auctions up on E-bay right now.

IF You were to Look at Either one, what do you think You'd Find?


I used Gary's Grabber in both. In totally different ways. For totally different INFO Products.

JUST SUPPOSE You Want To SEE Yet Another Type of Internet Letter GRABBER actually making money?

Below We Used TESTIMONIALS On Top of the Sales Letter to INSTANTLY Credential and GRAB the reader's EYEBALLS.

"Why I Use A 4000 Yr Old Exercise to Take Away PAIN"

well because there are TONS of older Baby Boomers in PAIN from arthritis and bad backs and health problems. And we found Best Selling E-bay PAIN-Related Categories to sell into.

Here is the Auction LINK -




Thanks to Gary Halbert You Can Sell Reports and E-books from Home with only a Computer,


P.S. - If the PAIN RELIEF Book is Sold. E-mail me and I'll put it back up for you to see. E-bay doesn't store old auctions long.


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