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December 7, 2009, 02:13 AM

Your friend learnt Korean Faster because he Immersed himself in the language and took an Active role in it. What really went on in his brain is... he learnt some stuff THEN his subconscious got to Utilize it, store it, associate things with it, whatever.

For example... say you want to learn a new skill. Say guitar or playing squash or whatever. If you try to nut it out for hours on end, you will pick up some but not much. BUT, if you break your learning into smaller lots, even if the hours total the same you will have learned it much more intrinsically.

You will be able to play more guitar after 8 one hour sessions than if you try to do eight hours in one go. You will be a better squash player if you play 30-60 minutes every three days for a few weeks, than if you try to play six hours or so in one go.

WHY... your subcon can Process the new inputs and build its Auto pathways while you sleep.

Same with language...

Flip through a stack of flash cards every few days. Translate an article from Korean to English or Visa Versa once or twice a week. Etc. These Small bit-size inputs work marvels. And when you sleep, your Subcon Cements them into place.

So while it Seemed he learned while he slept, he didn't. All the INput happened while he was awake, it was processed and stored while he slept.

Michael Ross

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