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December 29, 2009, 03:10 PM
Sorry....it's too late for our country. The "Marxists' have taken over Sooo, instead of fighting 'em, join 'em!

Obama wants to set up a "civilian Military Force" to make sure that the "Citizens" are not emitting too much CO2 from their homes and bodies, plus other "Rules" he's made up for his "Subjects".....and he's planning on using Jillions of "Stimulus" money to train and outfit this "Million-Man" foce.

Now....these Troops are going to need the proper Uniforms.

I once knew a man whose family made millions by getting the Contracts to DYE Military Uniforms. A Certain Color for each; Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines. Had to be according to a "Mil Spec" someone in the Bureacracy chose.

So...along these same lines, get your self some clothes dyes....different shades of GREEN.

Find the "Obama CZAR" who's been appointed in charge of Uniforms for this new military. Then submit your sample shades.

Go to your local "Democrat" Senator and tell him you will give him HALF of all your profits (Be ready....You may have to give up 90%) if you get the Contracts to DYE the unifoms.

To prepare for this venture you'll need a big building. You can look around and find a Manufacturing Plant that is humming along. It will be empty when you get the Dye Contract...so you can move right in.

No need to be concerned about start-up costs...your Senator will see that you get 20 or 30 million (He/She will want a major part of that also)

Again...instead of fighting what's coming...look for ways to help the Marxists get what they want.

Maybe help develop a Giant Magnet that can be hung from helicopters and flown over houses to "Suck Up" all weapons and ammo.

Don Alm...getting ready for the "Green Shirts" by digging a Cave in my back yard and stocking it.

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