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January 1, 2010, 10:44 PM
Definitely... Always a new "twist" on the way you can do things, which can end up being a Success! :)

Cow Dung and Investing Time and Currency in Cow related Niches could be Surprisingly Lucrative if you Dig deep into Google... No shovel required!

Alternative to low interest rates offered by banks.. Cows for cash.. Puer Tea China..

101 Uses Cow Dung & Urine... :cool:

San Jacinto woman goes on 'Dr. Phil' to show off collection...

Tubangui, 50, achieved Guinness World Records notoriety in October when the London-based records book firm sent her a certificate recognizing her 2,261 items as a cow collection world record...

Don't Laugh! ... Bet there's a Nice little “Green” Fortune to be made in Cow dung... ;)


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