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Dien Rice
January 1, 2010, 08:20 PM
I always love a good unusual business story... There's always a new "twist" on the way you can do things, which can end up being a success!

This is a recent news item, about a "crap" gift present which has sold like the proverbial hot cakes in France.

But don't eat them (like you would a hot cake!). Since these are cow patties...

A French businessman has "packaged" cow dung and sold it, to be given as a gift to anyone you don't like. They sell for 8.50 Euros, which is around $12.20 US dollars each!

As the entrepreneur says, giving a gift like this "says more than just words ever could!"


You can read more about it here...


and here is the website (in French)


or here is the English translation (via Google translate)...


What I am wondering is, why should French cows have all the fun? I'm sure that cows from other countries are already producing the locally made product, if some local entrepreneurs decide to "milk" the idea too...

Au revoir! (And "Le Moo" from the French cows...!) :)


P.S. There could be a "health and safety" issue with a product like this, so I wonder if it would be have to be sterilized?

P.P.S. This is a light-hearted item, so don't take it too seriously... But it is a real story, too. :)

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