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April 20, 2010, 05:14 PM


Busy today.

Just got off the phone with a gal I met on a Mommy forum. She is creating
websites for local business owners - near Disneyland in Florida.

How do I get them to pay me? was her Question.

#1 - She had a scooter company owner. (He is going out of business trying
to provide scooters for the handicapped at a cheaper price than Disney.)

I suggested she not TRY to save people who couldn't afford to pay her.

#2 - She met another man who sells the scooter guy batteries. Is doing a
site for him too.

She is selling only on the fact that her sites have a higher SEO ranking.

I suggested she also
create a Lead Generation Freebie.

(A Report that would collect the email and name and address of prospects.
So her clients can SEE the website is doing better than their Yellow Page

#3 - Which leads to suggestion THREE.

Only do websites for biz owners already spending 1000's on Non-trackable
yellow pages and websites.


P.S. - Question... What else might she include in a FREE website that would
get her prospects to JUMP at a chance to pay her. Hire her?

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