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May 28, 2010, 10:07 AM
kinda amusing..watching the government do nothing, listening to the liars at BP, doing desperation efforts that a 7 year old knows will not work. Now, they are gonna cram golf balls and tires into the well to clog it into submission,

Mean while, on the silent side of the activity , the hazMat division of ..guess who..Halliburton gets a blank check to hire folks to wander around the , now, polluted areas, with plastic bags , capturing the ever elusive tarballs.

Not very surprising really. Oilman Pickens says not to worry that the marshes will clean up the mess by themselves ? in 400 years, maybe.

so , if you know anyone who wants to earn 25-40 an hour, wandering through the marshes, capturing tar babies, contact the Gulf Coast area employment security offices.

or make a zillion , and come up with a real solution .

nice seeing yall again . it has been a while .

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