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November 26, 2010, 08:39 AM
Hope all of our American readers had a great Thanksgiving and the rest of you enjoyed a great day.

My Thanksgiving was fantastic. And one reason is,

I found the PERFECT business model for me and the Square One Workshops.

Ever since I decided (was persuaded) to bring The Square One Workshops out to a more general public, I've been looking for and searching for the ideal way to do it...now, I think I've found it...

or at least a SUCCESSFUL business model that incorporates all of the elements of a PERFECT business, which are (for me):

Proprietary products which can be protected with Trademarks, Copyrights and Patents or trade secret formulas.

Controlled distribution. But with an "Army" of sales agents.

Acting as a virtual manufacturer.

And a few other criteria.

Well, last night at one of the Thanksgiving dinners I got to attend, I met a woman who has the perfect business.

She is a practiconer and a teacher of some body work technique.
She has "licensed" her proprietary process to 12 people.
The 12 can teach her process to others. These people can then set up their own shops or find work in many areas including corporations.

Anyhow, this is very APPEALING to me.

Over the past few months I've been working closely with people to IMPLEMENT some of the hidden value of the Square One Workshops and as I got away from "marketing" and looking forward to "politics", I was able to "teach" some of the SQ1 in a direct person to person way, something I've avoided doing for many years.

I've developed a new WHITE BOARD strategy and have students far enough along for them to see and reap the benefits of this organizational strategy.

My arcane terms, such as Pyramid of Accomplishment (POA), PictoGrigm of Persuasion, Diagram of Life, have taken on new meaning for several people who are APPLYING the SQ1 to their lives and setting goals.

OK, not to get too long winded, which can be a chore for me....but to summarize,

The PERFECT way for the SQ1 to unfold is along the lines of new friend's already perfected business.

12 MASTER Instructors. Each with a LICENSE to teach the SQ1 to people who can apply it.

As people learn it, they become a sales force, a distribution network that is able to offer the proprietary products to larger numbers of people.

In the past month I've been working hard on getting the SQ1 organized and prepared for "mass consumption"...it has been a challenge and although I'm still working on my new political involvements, the SQ1 has come to the proverbial boil and is no longer back burner...it is "get it to the table NOW, people are starving" project.

I feel that there are a few of you whom might make excellent SQ1 TEACHERS or instructors. It ain't rocket science, and before too long, I'll have a "slew" of success stories from people who have implemented the WHITE BOARD method, which is a small part of the SQ1.

IF you think you might want to be considered for teaching, or if you are familar with the SQ1 and see the potential for mass distribution...then contact me.

NOW that I've found the PERFECT model, which has always been one of my talking points (emulate success), the teacher has a appeared and this student of the masters is ready.

Gordon Alexander

PS. I'd love to get some real teachers and/or workshop presenters into this, I think the SQ1 can be a tremendous agent for positive change in people's lives, and the younger someone is exposed to it, the better.

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