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December 26, 2010, 04:29 PM
The Past to Remember, The Future to Behold.


It brought many lessons home for me. One is the HEALTH thing. I was blind for the first few months, then had cataract surgery...and ZOWIE, I could see again. I LOVE my eye guy.

The heart guy? I'm not so crazy about, hope to have him replaced soon.

January 2010 saw my mother pass away...although she was elderly, her end was aided and abetted by her "health care". NOT a fan.

In the last 2 years, I've met 3 doctors I LOVE...and about 15 I LOATHE. I'll rant on that soon.

In 2010, I worked with more people directly than I have in years.

Some I tried to work with for FREE. Knew better. Learned an old lesson over again. (Note to self, again, DON'T WORK WITH TIRE KICKERS, LOOKY LOOS AND FREEBIE SEEKERS).

Others paid various amounts of moolah and these guys are great. I do a little coaching, a lot of listening, some ass kicking when needed and some "caddying" most of the time.

A great caddy is a partner on the course, and he brings his own expertise of the course, the golfer, the game to the table. A caddy can make suggestions, but the golfer must "hit the ball"...

Which is why I'm now offering a Coaching/Life Caddy deal. Once the goal gets set and started, I'm more of a caddy, I can't force anyone to do anything, it is all on them. But, I make sure I can offer some good well thought out and researched advice.

From this activity, I've found a "system" which works well for me and for the "players" on the team.

I've been able to use my Square One Workshops, and evolve parts of them to help and assist people with "Time Management" problems and/or lack of focus or "quitting" too soon on a project.

I've found out that a solid goal in the beginning along with a step by step plan of action, along with adjustment, is one KEY to setting achieveable goals.

My old Navy buddy, Art Booth, who is attempting to become the OLDEST ROOKIE IN SPORTS by becoming an exempt player on the Champions Tour, has shown me AGE can be just a number...

if you work on your health, diet and exercise.

These are some quick peeks back at 2010, and I'll offer up some more detailed ideas, concepts and "learnings" from the past 12 months.

THEN, WE'LL take a look into 2011, where there are some exciting opportunities coming up...if you are prepared for them.

What did 2010 teach you?

Gordon Jay Alexander

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