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December 26, 2010, 03:11 AM
One of the things I noticed during my sales on craigslist is that you can expect for people to miss your ad if it's not posted with today's date.

In some craigs categories there are so many daily posts that many people will become overwhelmed and only search today's ads or will wrongly assume that an ad from two days ago is already old or sold. I've tested this on the 7-day craigslist limit and got very poor sales, until I switched to my current method.

It's about you intersecting their path (placing an ad) with your product ( the car) at the time of their greatest need (the day they searched initially) that will get you the sale or at least a response. (a nod to Gordon's Pictogrim of Persuasion -thanks Gordon)

But cars take time..especially if you expect a large profit.

Also, design your ad for your target audience. Who is it? -Soccer mom? -Fresh college kid? -Rough and tough cowboy? -Teenager with a fresh shiny new license?.....It's like fishing, use the right hook for the right fish.

I'm sure someone here is more qualified than me to offer better advice on selling cars, but I hope these tips help.


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