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March 6, 2011, 09:02 PM
I never thought the "Good Ole USof A" become a country that "rewarded" NON-workers and made "Dependents" of it's citizens.

Living in OreGUN....we have a "Public Employee Retirement System" that pays TEACHERS and Gummit workers....120% of what they were earning when they were Producing. Anyone "earning" $50,000/yr while they were producing are now "making" $60,000/yr (Note the 2 words, Earning and Making)....watching TV!

For years, our welfare system REWARDED women for having babies...provided the male who helped create the baby was NOT around. So....children grew up without a dad.

The money to pay for all this did NOT come from "Obama's STASH"! It came from those nasty, dastardly RICH people.

Although....nowadays most of this money IS coming from "Obama's STASH"! All he does is order one of his "Czars" to print up a few trillion more bux.

Yup....Obama found a reason to shut down oil drilling in the Gulf. One foul well....out of over 6,000.

Brazil wanted to improve it's Oil Producing....Obama gives them 2 Billion.

Yup....Gordon's right! Even if some Terrorist doesn't blow an oil tanker. The people running our Gummit are doing their damndest to "Take Her Down!"

One well placed IED is faster....but....da Gummit's way is slower and less noticeable.

So....along with GJ's suggestions on stocking up and getting ready....one suggestion I have is...."GET TO KNOW SOME MORMON'S!"

I don't agree with them on their religious views BUT....one of the things they do is "STOCK FOOD"!

So....hook up with some local Mormons and start stocking food with them.

Get the soil ready for your Victory Gardens.

And....even though you may think that "Homeland Security" and "The Fed" and all the other Gummit Bureau's will "Protect YOU"....git yer head outa da sand and start acting like IT'S gonna come down....ANY DAY!

Because "SHE....IS" comin' down!....and YOU will be standing in the street "Naked as a Jay Bird"....and you didn't have a clue as to what Hit Ya!

If the price of gas can leap to over $4/gal....in a few weeks......just because the production of 1.5 million barrels a day from Libya....MIGHT be disrupted... what do you think WILL happen if there's another disruption in supply?

We use 88 million barrels a day. Another small disruption WILL cause the price of everything to skyrocket....including FOOD. And....forget getting more Corn Meal and products that were...made from Corn. The Gummit wants it for FUEL. A "FUEL" that deteriorates engine seals and engines.

A nation WITHOUT the PROPER FUEL to operate Planes and Vehicles and other needs for POWER....is a Nation "Enslaved" and sent back to the "Caveman Days".

You idiots....YOU sat around on yer keester's and let the "Enviro-Terrorists" stop us from building any new refineries....and drill for OUR OWN Oil.

Oh....just heard our "Leader" say he was "Looking into tapping into some of our "Oil Reserves". Terrific! Let him tap it out so when we REALLY need this "Power"...it ain't there.

We can be happy little gnomes....peddling along on our bikes and solarpowered motorscooters. Whooopeee-Fizz.....I'm an "American"!

YOU better git goin'...cause da goin' is gonna git rough!

Don Alm....re-stocking my "Y2K" storage room and roto-tilling my backyard

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