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Richard Dennis
May 3, 2011, 12:28 PM
I have a very crazy friend who is a chiropractor. (That's probably redundant.)

In my opinion, my friend is the best chiropractor in the history of the world. I have known him closely for 20 years. He treated my son (muscular dystrophy) for many years. He has achieved results with impossible cases that no doctor of any kind has ever achieved. I'm currently working on Chapter 31, the last chapter of the book I am ghost-writing for him. It will be a sensation & best-seller.

But that's in the future.

You may wonder what makes him crazy. Thank you for asking.

Steve is a total believer in what he does. Much of his brand of pain relief and stress reduction therapy could be DIY, and he is driven to spread the word.

About 3 years ago, he decided the way to do that was to get on the Oprah Winfrey Show. And how could he make that happen? A lot of ways, no doubt, but he chose one of the less obvious methods.

Steve collected a couple hundred Oprah Winfrey quotations. Then he hired 2 photographers to travel the world to photograph the greatest examples of beauty they could find. Then he had an assistant put the quotations together with the photos in coffee-table book form. They created a beautiful cover, listing Oprah as the author. Steve's plan is to simply give her ownership of the book as a gift.

Then, of course, he spent another gazillion dollars to have a couple dozen of these books printed. In hardback.

I have a copy. I can tell you, it is a beautiful, beautiful piece of work. If Oprah sees it, she will flip.

Ay! There's the rub!

So Steve came to me asking how to get this book directly into Oprah's hands. Considering all the money my crazy friend has spent on this project, and the terrific product he produced, I believe that's the least he deserves.

My first thought was to contact producers of her TV show. But she's been on a long time, and I've found dozens of names, and I have no way to figure out who is currently closely connected, or how to be certain I reach them.

And so my question for you is:

How would you get that book into Oprah's hands?

I appreciate any ideas.


Richard Dennis

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