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August 5, 2011, 07:21 AM
My business partner and I had around $10,000 in hardware hosted in a colocation data center.. They discovered we were shopping around for colocation, and they doubled our monthly bill.. back billed us for 1 month of overages, AND charged us bogus overages for July that they refuse to show us any proof of the overages.. And then another months service fee for a 30 day notice.

They held our equipment and refused to let us get it until we paid all of the overages and the next months bill.

So we paid the bill since we had around $10K+ in hardware in their facilities..

I had a ticket open for 2 days asking them to show me any type of proof that july's overages were really $500 and they closed my account (Even though we paid for August) .....

Their former director of sales says publicly on another web hosting forum that they have never charged any other customer for overages nor have they ever made another customer pay for 30 day notice and he says that it was definitely 100% pure spite....

Should we persue these bogus charges in any way or just let em go? Total is around $1200. I know that at least a few hundred of it is completely bogus, and the rest was simply made out of spite...... The fact that we had to move immediately to a new data center caused some down time and lost us thousands of dollars in residual revenue..

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