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September 2, 2011, 12:44 AM
Thanks Mitchell,

Here's something using QR Codes (Quick Response) you might try out

I sell very advanced NLP and Hypnosis Sales and Marketing
Products. Long 15 or 20+ page letters are required to Explain what
a 25 Chapter E-book called "HEADLESS-ZOMBIE NLP" is about.

I'm seeing QR Codes used all over for long copy Tests. (I test email 1st before using Direct Mail)

So I Did some research...

In a nutshell.

a - You create a domain and website

b - You put your long sales letter or Magalog there

c - You Link THAT Letter to a QR code

d - You Make the QR Code CLICKABLE and SCANNABLE with any Smart Phone
Right off the Computer or Digital Device Screen.

e - At the END of Your Sales Letter - You Put another QR Code/Paypal Button

f - This combo QR Code/Paypal Button is set up to Make it EASY for buyers
to order 24/7 from ANYWHERE.

g - And it also Delivers the Product Automatically.

Glenn Osborn
Rentamentor Network

P.S. - Here's one of my 1st profitable QR Code email tests. Only a few
thousand dollars but gives you an idea of how it might work for you.

P.P.S. - I should Explain. I send Testimonial filled emails to VIP'S
who Pass a Test at www.NLPBrainBuzz.com - if they pass they Qualify to Buy.

P.P.P.S. - RATS. I just PRE-viewed this and the QR Code doesn't show up
on this forum - as it does in regular email.

So CLICK the link to see the QR Code.

Thanks Chris,

PLEASE Tell me how you PLAN to use the 2K Letter - so I can Customize some ideas for you!


Just got this from a guy in Wisconsin
who used an idea from my new

25 Chapter "HEADLESS NLP" book
convince one of his bosses - (Who doesn't even LIKE him)

To send a 3K bonus job his way.


He FLIRT Tested 1st...

Then used it on his BOSS.


On a good note, I have been testing " I am NOT wearing yellow
shoes.", which puzzles the hell out of people, we smile and laugh
together, and then I use the next phrase as my command to them.
Some people even ask, "what does 'I am NOT wearing yellow shoes
mean?' "

With another one of the bosses at work, it means ANOTHER $3000
in additonal income. I love it when people plead with you to have them
give you $$$, I can get used to that. This boss and I dont' really see eye
to eye all that often, he micro manages people....everyone. The 80/20
principle really got me thinking how in the past, 20% of the people produced
80% of the results. But after I used, "I am NOT wearing yellow shoes...",
Lester was actually very personable. I then commanded him with the phrase,
Lester, let me make you look better with Sam(which I do with the other 2 bosses
and Sam is the 3 managers' boss) by lowering your complaint ratio. Find me additional
income like Faye and Dan have.

I'm Testing QR Codes too.

Chris - My Webmaster - Just Sent me this.

After He put up the S ales letter I wrote for MY E-book VERSION of

Dr McDoom's - "HEADLESS Zombie NLP."

Up in the NEW STUFF Section of



P.S. - You just wave your SMART PHONE over the Screen and Voila - YOU ARE THERE.


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