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January 16, 2012, 12:46 PM
This is the spiel for the service:

"See how your business is listed at Google, Yahoo, and other top local search engines."

The website is at:


I went to the site and put in our business name and zip code and the results showed me I scored a rousing 8% out of a 100%. This site puts up a few of the search engines it visited to the immediate right of your score with comments from these engines.

What surprised me was google saying they experienced an error in finding us. I know we are in google as I check and I know we are in google places as I check that as well.

I'm wondering if anyone has used this site and if so your results. If it is truly accurate, it appears to be a great site for learning how your biz is listed. If it isn't, well free in this case merely means free and nothing more.

Love to hear of anyone else's experience with them.



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